Joint AAUN Australia Awards Agricultural Research Symposium 2018

20-21 March 2018

The Agricultural Research Symposium will take place in Nairobi, Kenya. The symposium is co-hosted by AAUN, the Australia Awards, the University of Nairobi and the University of Sydney. The Symposium is part of the Australia Awards Africa Short Course “Increasing the Development Impact of Agricultural Research” (IDIAR).

The Symposium’s objectives include:

  • To hold a high level public diplomacy event showcasing Australia-Africa research collaborations in agriculture & food security.
  • To promote collaboration among African researchers, and cross Africa-Australia research
  • To promote the activities of the AAUN and the Australia Awards Africa Program
  • To increase networks for alumni of the Australia Awards Africa Short Course in IDIAR
Symposium details

Date:     Tuesday and Wednesday 20 & 21 March 2018
Time:     8.15 am-5.30 pm
Venue:   Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel, Parklands, Nairobi


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Emma Walters, Project Manager