AAUN Africa Forum 2020 – 30 March, Future Africa Centre, University of Pretoria

AAUN Members and Friends are invited to mark calendars for Monday 30 March for the Forum. This will be part of a week of related activities at the University of Pretoria.

       1. Mon 30 March 2020, AAUN Africa Forum

          Theme: “Global Partnerships and African Networks to build capacity on the continent”.

          Participants. Over 100 education and research leaders from universities, government, industry, NGOs and community.

        2. Tuesday 31 March. Early Career Academics – Capacity development workshops

        3. Wednesday 1 – Thursday 2 April. Times Higher Education, Africa Impact Forum 

The program, registration details and logistics will be posted shortly on the AAUN website.

Please contact Dr Desiree Tesner-Smith for further details (desiree.tesner-smith@up.ac.za)