AAUN News Notes – Highlights at January 2023

AAUN Board members at the AGM in Canberra on 27 October 2022

To: AAUN Ltd Board Directors, University Partnership Members, Knowledge Partners, Stakeholders and friends

From: Prof John Hearn, Exec Co-Chair AAUN; A/Prof Grace Flanagan (Liu), General Manager AAUN

                           AAUN News Notes – Highlights at January 2023  

Dear Colleagues,

In our tenth anniversary year, AAUN is emerging from the three year Covid blight in good heart and good shape. We wish us all a successful 2023.

The AAUN Forum and AGM in Canberra 27-28 October endorsed clear policy, strategy and research priorities 2023-25 (see attached summary).

  • Geo-policy. AAUN is building engagement and trust with universities, governments, agencies, business and NGO’s related to Australia, Africa and the Indo-Pacific.
  • Focus. AAUN has consulted widely to refine its priorities in higher education, research, science, technology and innovation, integrated with social sciences and humanities.
  • Research. Partners want continuation in environment and climate, agronomy and food, health (NCDs) and nutrition, education, employment and economic development.
  • Requests. Additional fields are noted in specific climate challenges, energy transitions, sports science and life-course ageing, bio-economy, IT and distance education,
  • Partnership. AAUN will achieve 15 Australian and 15 African members by 2025. Five member university groups are being formed in the Indo Pacific Region and a Global group.
  • Scope and Scale. The growth agenda will enhance a new South-South engagement, with relevant south north partnership that enables opportunities for both.
  • Commercial. AAUN will encourage knowledge partnerships with business where appropriate in program research and development fund initiatives each year (PRDF).
  • Major events. These include the AAUN Forum in Pretoria 22-26 May, AAUN Forum and AGM in Perth 4-5 September. The PRDF call will go out in May, subject to funding.

Thank you all for your strong support and engagement through the challenging times. We rely on your continued commitment in taking new opportunities in 2023-25.

With warm regards, 

Prof John Hearn                                        A/Prof Grace Flanagan (Liu)

Exec Co-Chair AAUN                                    General Manager AAUN