Outcomes of Partnership & Research Development Fund (PRDF) 2016


The outcomes of the 2016/17 Partnership & Research Development Fund (PRDF) have been announced.

The Partnership & Research Development Fund (PRDF) offers grants of an average of $10,000 AUD to foster partnership within the network and support planning workshops and research collaborations that address distinct mutual challenges. It provides one year of catalytic seed funding which may cover the costs of exploratory research initiatives, targeted workshops, faculty exchanges and the formation of collaborative networks, among other activities.

The 2016/17 Partnership & Research Development Fund received 16 applications, of which 6 are being funded. The main area of focus for the 2017 programs is in food and nutrition security. Further funding initiatives are a priority.

We congratulate the teams of the successful bids, listed below.

2017 PRDF Principal Investigators & Programs

Dr Ranil Coorey (Curtin University): Food Security and Antibiotic Resistance in the Chicken Processing Industry in Australia and Africa

Prof Athula Ginige (Western Sydney University): Mobile based Information System for Nutrition driven Agriculture

Prof Wallace Cowling (University of Western Australia): New plant breeding methods for sustainable use of genetic resources and security of food production

Prof Hettie Schonfeldt (University of Pretoria) and : Food composition data for animal-source foods in sub-Saharan Africa

Prof Basant Maheshwari  (Western Sydney University): Urbanisation and its Impact on Peri-urban Water and Food Security in Africa: Developing Research Collaboration and Capacity Building

Prof Robyn McConchie (University of Sydney): Minimizing waste through value addition and preservation of fresh produce in Nigeria and Kenya