AAUN Partnership and Research Development Fund 2024 – Call for proposals

It is a pleasure to announce the call for AAUN seed fund proposals for 2024.

The AAUN Partnership & Research Development Fund (PRDF) offers catalytic grants to foster partnership in the network, including new members, and support planning workshops and research collaborations, that address distinct mutual challenges.

There are likely to be eight awards of up to AUD$ $10,000, two of these being open to applications from ECR’s. Applications allow the formation of teams, planning of programs, initiation of preliminary studies, and application for further external funding.

Applications must be developed in consultation with AAUN Australia Board Members and Africa Steering Group members in each of the AAUN member universities, and endorsed by your university (for strategy and support) before submission.

Supporting Documents:

2024 PRDF Guidelines

Application Form 2024

Letter of Support Template 2024

Closing date for applications is Friday 12 July 2024 at 1800h AEST. Applications along with all accompanying documents must be submitted no later than 1800h AEST on 12 July 2024. Applications that are incomplete or received after the closing date will not be considered.

Applications will be reviewed by experts in Australia and Africa. Awards will be announced at the AAUN Australia Forum and AGM in Perth 2-3 September 2024.

Contact for Australia: aaun@unsw.edu.au   

Contacts for Africa: Jonathan.Tager@up.ac.za and aldo.stroebel@ump.ac.za 

Please read the application form and guidelines carefully, to avoid unnecessary questions and correspondence.