The Australia Africa Universities Network (AAUN) is a group of leading universities in Australia and Africa, connecting researchers and academics through institutional partnerships in order to address challenges facing both continents.

Led by Professor John Hearn from the University of Sydney and Professor Tawana Kupe from the University of Pretoria, the network fosters the growing relationship between Australia and Africa by building on current educational links between the continents.

At a time when the environment is ideal for building successful partnership with African countries, the AAUN aims to further the Australian Government’s commitment to revitalising its relationship with Africa.

The establishment of the AAUN is integral in enabling Australia and Africa to work together creatively and innovatively to find new solutions to long-standing challenges.

Australia’s initiatives towards Millennium Development Goals in Africa form an important element in this relationship. Further, long-term growth and investment prospects in Africa are promising as several of the world’s fastest-growing economies can now be found in sub-Saharan Africa.


High impact, strategic educational and research partnerships providing sustainable solutions to challenges jointly facing Australia and Africa.


To enhance targeted Africa-Australia partnerships through a network of collaborative research and education initiatives. AAUN improves the capacity and connectivity of academic talent across the two continents. Through working with research institutions, business and government, AAUN delivers sustainable solutions to our joint challenges.

AAUN Strategic Plan

View the AAUN Strategic Plan 2020-2022