PRDF 2015


The 2015 Partnership & Research Development Fund received 8 applications, of which 5 are being funded. Many of these are building on existing AAUN programs, which have shown significant development and progress. The main areas of focus for the 2015 programs are in food and nutrition security, education and health. Further funding initiatives are a priority.

Name of Project Principal Investigator(s) AAUN Partners Non-AAUN Partners Objectives and Outcomes
Academics without doctorates – an investigation into the nature and extent of under qualification of academics in South Africa, Mauritius and Australia and strategies and policies to address the issue. Dr Mignonne Breier (UCT), Dr Lorraine Towers (University of Sydney), Prof Chaya Herman (University of Pretoria) Prof Mbulungeni Madiba (UCT), Dr George Odhiambo (University of Sydney),  Prof Francoise Driver (University of Mauritius) & Prof Felix Mavondo (Monash University)  N/A To investigate the nature, extent and causes of the “PhD Problem” among selected universities in South Africa, Mauritius and Australia.
Monitoring and modelling of food security practices from retail to home in Australia and Africa Dr Ranil Coorey (Curtin University) A/Prof Stuart Johnson (Curtin University), A/Prof Gary Dykes (Curtin University), A/Prof Dean Bertolatti (Curtin University), Prof Elna Buys (University of Pretoria), Prof Riette de Kock (University of Pretoria), Dr Angela Parry-Hanson Kunadu (University of Ghana), Dr Ivan Muzira Mukisa (Makerere University), Dr Patrick Njage (University of Nairobi) N/A to develop a robust, user friendly food safety determination system for chicken at various consumption situations/points, such as retail, restaurant and the home.
Agro-diverse farming systems in Africa: potential for improving Food (and Nutritional) Security in the context of climate variability and change. Dr Peter Johnston (UCT)
Prof Richard Warrick (Curtin) Prof Janet Bornman  (Curtin)
University of Malawi; Curtin University; University of Pretoria; University of Ibadan; University of Melbourne; University of Western Australia Dr Olajide O. Adeola (Ibadan)

Assoc. Prof. Charles B.L. Jumbe (LUANAR)

Dr Casper Madakadze(Pretoria)Prof Kadambot Siddique (UWA)

To emphasise the merits of agrobiodiversity and provide pathways for implementation to improve access to nutritious food and reduce climatic risk in Africa.
Phase Two: Investigating The Nutritional Value Of Locally Harvested And Processed Mopane Worms – An Analysis Of The Value Chain For Indigenous Edible Insects And Their Potential Role In Mother And Child Nutrition In Sub Sahara Africa: Focus On Mopani Prof Mavis Mulaudzi- (University of Pretoria) Prof Philip Nkunika (University of Zambia) A/Prof Robyn Alders (University of Sydney) Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology /CSIR To alleviate Protein-Energy Malnutrition (PEM) through high-quality extruded foods from locally available grains supplemented with leaf and legume proteins.
Integrated whole-of-grain utilisation of cereal-legume composite for extruded and other foods targeted at specific consumers’ nutrition, health and wellbeing needs. Associate Professor Kolawale Falade, (University of Ibadan) A/Prof Stuart Johnson (Curtin University), Dr Ranil Coorey (Curtin University), Prof KG Duodu, Dr Johanita Kruger (University of Pretoria), Dr Naushad Emmambux (University of Pretoria) & Dr Olufunke Ezekiel (University of Ibadan) Jomo Kenyatta University To investigate the use of extrusion as part of an integrated cereal legume processing scenario where both cereal and legume can be processed either whole or fractioned into high fibre, high protein and high antioxidant ingredients.