AAUN Season’s greetings – Christmas and New Year 2020-21

Dear AAUN Members and Friends,

The unexpected challenges of 2020 have provided obstacles and opportunities for AAUN to learn and to adjust our teamwork and our Strategic Plan for the future. We continue to build our membership towards 15 Universities each in Africa and Australia. We welcome Nelson Mandela University as a new member. We have funded and increased our total of PRDF competitive catalyst programs to 60, each with several partners in projects that address pressing global and regional issues. As you will see on our website, we have completed our 2020 Forum and workshops with success. We have a full set of activities for 2021, including the AAUN Africa Forum in Pretoria March 8-10 (Tbc) and the AAUN Australia Forum and AGM in Canberra May 24-25 (Africa Day). 

We are keeping the link here to our recent Annual Report 2019, which includes the AAUN Strategic Plan 2020-22. The next Annual Report will be prepared for May 2021. We enclose some highlights of 2020 in this End of Year Newsletter.

We thank all those members, knowledge partners, stakeholders and friends who have contributed to the progress and impact of AAUN during this year. We wish you and yours a happy holiday season and new year, with success in 2021.

AAUN Secretariat 

Prof John Hearn (Co-Chair)
                                          Prof Tawana Kupe (Co-Chair)

A-Prof Grace Liu (General Manager)                           Prof Frans Swanepoel (Deputy Co-Chair)

Ms Marjorie Lewis-Jones (Editor)                                Dr Desiree Tesner-Smith (Secretariat)