Call for Applications for Emerging Leaders in Australia-Africa Diplomacy (ELAAD) Program

Pilot online program Nov 2022-June 2023

Program objectives

  1. To create a diverse cohort and ongoing network of emerging leaders in Australia-Africa diplomatic relations from among postgraduate university students and junior diplomats across Australia and the African continent.
  2. To provide an opportunity for this cohort to develop expert knowledge and professional skills in Australia-Africa relations through a customised and facilitated annual online program engaging with leading scholars and experts, journalists, senior diplomats and other policy practitioners.
  3. To draw on the collective knowledge, expertise and ideas of this cohort to generate innovative policy ideas and meaninfgul socio-cultural exchanges for enhancing international relations between the African continent and Australia, including to develop collaborative solutions to global challenges.

Program structure

The Program is housed under the Australia Africa Universities Network (AAUN) and led by AAUN member Curtin University. It consists of 36 annual participants selected through an application process and AAUN selection panel, with overall cohort diversity and balance a core principle for the selection panel. As the Program targets and develops emerging leaders, the eligible age range is 20-35 years of age. For the pilot program, there are no costs for the program participants other than their own time and commitment to active engagement. All completing participants will receive a certificate of participation. There is no formal qualification obtained. The pliot Program will be conducted fully online via Webex platform and consist of a series of 12 x two-hour interactive, facilitated sessions over an eight-month period (Nov 2022-June 2023), with two sessions per month (including a holiday break from mid-December to mid-Feb). Due to time differences, the program will be facilitated at hours that accomodate both African and Australian participants. This will span from 4-6pm Australian Western Standard Time (AWST, GMT+8) which will allow participants from Africa and Australia’s Eastern States to attend the sessions at a reasonable hour.

Distinguished subject experts, scholars, journalists and diplomatic practitioners from Australia and Africa will be invited to speak in particurlar sessions and to engage in Q&A discussion with the program participants. Some light pre-readings will be provided for background context and to generate discussion points. Further materials will be made available to participants through an online collaboration platform.

Participant eligibility

Eligible status:

  • Currently enrolled in a Master’s program* in International Relations, Diplomacy, Regional Integration (or other closely related field); or 
  • Currently employed in a national government department/ministry of foreign affairs (or equivalent department)
  • Aged 20-35 years at the time of the Application submission deadline

*For Master’s student applicants, preference will be given to applicants at AAUN

member universities

Eligible countries (14):

  • Australia
  • African countries in which there is an AAUN member university (South Africa, Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria, Malawi, Mauritius, Kenya, Zambia, Ethiopia, Botswana)
  • Other countries in Africa in which there is currently no AAUN member university but in which Australia has a High Commission or Embassy (Egypt, Morocco, Zimbabwe)

Total participant group size (36)

  • 10 from Australia
  • 26 from across the 13 eligible African countries
  • Gender balance across total cohort will be sought

Program outreach and outputs

  • Program information, application form and submission details via AAUN website at  
  • Program social media platforms
  • Post-program experience survey of program participants
  • Program participants encouraged to publish op-eds and policy briefings
  • Completing program participants receive a Certificate of Participation
  • Provision of information and advice on further career development (academic or pracitioner) to program participants
  • Maintenance of program alumni network

Program convenor and contact

Dr David Mickler SFHEA

Dean Global, Africa / Senior Lecturer in International Relations

Curtin University, Perth, Australia

Email: ; Tel: +61 8 9266 7405

Application submission deadline:

The deadline has been extended to 7 October from 30 September 2022.

Please send your application to Dr David Mickler at by 7 October with Cc’ to

Please find the Program Application Form here

Please find detailed information for applicants via this link.